Decorative Imaging

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About This Project

Decorative Imaging Pty Ltd has delivered innovative finishing technology to the Australian building industry since 2004. It leads the Australian market in photo imaging and offers a pioneering range of finished aluminium building products.

An Australian-owned and operated family business, Decorative Imaging is located in South West Sydney and employs approximately 30 staff. Prior to relocating to its current location, Decorative Imaging was located in Mittagong NSW.

Website Connection were commissioned to create a informative website that highlighted all the companies products and services under one header. This was a huge undertaking when you consider the amount of products and service that they have available. We needed to connect all the products and services together in a way, that no matter where you were within the site, you would be able to navigate through. The where to buy section was an add on, so customers looking for products, could find a distributor closest to where they were located for the product they were looking for.

We achieved all the criteria outline in the brief and created a very functional and attractive website that Decorative Imaging were proud of.