Content Preparation System

11 Sep Content Preparation System

At Website Connection, we are committed to providing first class digital advertising services to all of our valued clients. We recognise the importance of content on your website and the need for it to be in line with your brand when showcasing your business to the specified target market. In order to ensure that the content component of your campaign is seamless, Website Connection presents the Content Preparation System (CPS). The CPS is comprised of 5 phases. Phase 1 is outlined in this article: Watch out for future articles the Content Preparation System.

Phase 1: The pre-content questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to further brief our copywriting team with the specific style of writing you would like on your landing pages, as well as the key messages you would like your target audience to read about. Having a clear understanding of the content style you prefer for your business helps to make the process smoother, minimising the time to complete the content portion of your campaign. This questionnaire is to be sent back to your account manager once completed.

  1. What are the key points regarding your business you would like portrayed in the content?

  2. Which style of language is consistent with your brand? E.g: formal, casual

  3. What will be the main focus or emphasis of the content? E.g: level of service, products/services the actual business itself

  4. Considering the industry you are currently in, does the content require much technical information regarding your service or product to increase understanding?

  5. What is the star (most unique) element/s of your business that you would like reflected in the content?

  6. How would you like your brand/business to be perceived by your target audience? E.g: Modern and sleek, fun and fresh, formal and authoritarian etc.

  7. Considering the target audience, which style of language would appeal to them the most? This includes vocabulary as well as use of exclamation marks if desired.

  8. What are some buzz (high impact) words you may want in your content that are in line with your business and what you will deliver?

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